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Tips And Tricks
La Claire Fontaine

Here are a few tips for an efficient seminar.

This checklist will help you make your next seminar a success. Thus guided with the organisation, you will be able to enjoy the reception and the outcome.

First steps:

Set the objectives of the meeting:

  • Set the dates for the event (are there any local events that might interfere with your meeting?)
  • Who should attend?
  • Fix the budget for the event.
  • Determine the place of the meeting in accordance with the different objectives.
  • Determine the technical elements required and any additional needs for your event (catering services, techniques and activities).
  • Send an invitation to the participants and to the speakers.

About 3 weeks before your event:

  • Confirm the number of rooms reserved and their arrangement.
  • Confirm the number of participants.
  • List the audiovisual needs defined by the speakers beforehand.
  • Communicate the programme of the meeting.
  • Verify the choice of menus as well as the flow of the team building activities.
  • Check the rules and compliance with the budget.

About 1 week before your event:

  • Send the last documents required directly to the venue of your meeting and make sure they have been received.
  • Validate the last audiovisual needs.

The day of the meeting:

  • Check the room one hour before the meeting is to start. Report any missing points immediately.
  • Coordinate the speakers.

During the meeting:

  • Help the participants and the speakers during their stay.

Conclude the event successfully:

  • Debriefing of the event.