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Our team-building activities
La Claire Fontaine

Enigma walk

Teams (of 3 to 6 people) leave one after the other from a given point in the small, picturesque town of La Roche-en-Ardenne. They have to solve several riddles and answer questions, and must not lose time on certain time trials. They will also get to taste several local products and discover the finest places and buildings that go into creating the environment at La Roche. The aim is to establish contact with our heritage and the town's inhabitants. The day will be brought to a close with a game staged within the walls of the castle, followed by a medieval feast, or a meal by the river.

Team cooking

Guided by our chef, who will reveal some of his secrets, you will put together a seasonal menu and then share a nice gourmet meal in a friendly atmosphere.

You will discover that the world of gastronomy requires a team spirit, time management, solidarity and commitment from one and all.

This is an ideal activity to stimulate your associates, strengthen the team spirit and, of course, delight your taste buds!!!

Various workshops will be held and you will have to do the cooking ...

Treasure map in the Nature Reserve of the 2 Ourthes

Teams (of 2 to 6 people) will leave from different points of the Nature Reserve of the 2 Ourthes, and will have to cross the territory using a map and a compass. The route will be marked by indications and you will get to use different means to get about, such as mountain bikes, kayaks, and horses for seasoned riders.

The participants will get together again for the last trials which will decide the lot of the teams. The aim is to discover the Nature Reserve of the 2 Ourthes using different means of getting about, while providing mutual assistance and relying on the qualities of each.