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le Quai Son
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Attractions and museums:
La Claire Fontaine

... at La Roche :

Feudal castle

Nestled between a loop of the Ourthe and the abrupt flanks of Deister hill, the sombre and imposing hulk of the ruins of the medieval castle (built between the 11th, 12th, and 13th century) rise above the valley. Overlooking the town of La Roche, they were built on a sizeable tangle of slabs of local schist, blocked by lime and sand mortar.

Museum of the Battle of the Bulge

Endowed with an impressive collection of war materiel, this interesting, well-curated museum occupies 3 levels (with lift) on the main street and showcases this difficult period. You can also see a collection of photos of La Roche before the war.

The Stoneware of La Roche

Take a trip through the history of the Stoneware of La Roche.
A modern showcase tells the story of stoneware through the centuries, from the earth to the table. Rediscover the gestures of yore, the feelings, emotions or odours that punctuated the life of the butcher, the baker, the chemist, the monks, etc. but also the lords of La Roche and their villains.

Game Park

This 10-hectare park situated in the middle of nature affords you a glimpse of the animals of our forests as well as their near relatives on the farm.

As you follow a 1.2 km course in a setting close to their natural way of life, you will come across fallow deer, stags, mouflons, aurochs, a family of young and adult wild boars. You will also see wolves, lynxes, foxes, raccoons, pheasants, eagle owls, etc.

Chapel of Saint Marguerite

Perched on the schistose slope, and preceded by a ramp cutting into the rock, the Chapel of Saint Marguerite, is an interesting traditional edifice built around 1600 by the Provost of La Roche, Georges de Waha-Baillonville. A listed sanctuary, it was formerly flanked by a hermitage, mentioned for the first time in the historical records in 1638.

... in the vicinity:

Hotton caves

An exceptional specimen of Walloon natural heritage, the Hotton Caves are the only ones to be fully listed. Two stars in the Michelin Guide.

"Explore the titanic galleries. Stand at the edge of a 30 metre chasm. Admire the fragile hangings. Listen to the torrent growl and partake of the emotions of the subterranean world with one of the guides."

Chlorophyll Forest Park

The 9-hectare Chlorophyll Forest Park awaits families and groups for an adventurous discovery of the forest. Dotted with some 30 playgrounds, it is bound to astound you as it unfolds one thousand and one secrets of the forest.

St Michel Furnace

Come and get some fresh air by discovering not only rural life in and the architectural heritage of Wallonia, but also a natural heritage teeming with unexpected plants and animals!

Provincial Estate of Mirwart

Spanning an area of 1350 hectares, this estate is covered in large part by a magnificent forest of deciduous (beech and oak) and resiniferous (fir, spruce and larch) trees.
The Lhomme, a pretty, wide river, crosses the estate and confers a particular charm on it.
Four fine walks invite you to discover an authentic nature and a remarkable little heritage rehabilitated in recent years (ice house, old bridges, 16th century blast furnace).
For many, Mirwart brings to mind fish farming first and foremost. The "brown" trout produced here are used to restock the Ardennes rivers. The Mirwart fishponds are fed by a wild stream, the "Marsault", which you can discover as you go hiking.

Achouffe brewery

Situated in the heart of the lush Belgian Ardennes, the brewery was founded in 1982 and specialises in quality special beers. Its products are easily recognisable from the likeable leprechaun on the label. The leprechauns and other imps are among the unavoidable characters of the stories and legends of the Ardennes.

The Labyrinth

Unique in Belgium. You simply do not want to find your way out of this labyrinth, spanning more than eleven hectares! A new activity, a new drawing, a new maze have charted the alleyways so that visitors can lose themselves in a magical adventure: A fabulous attraction in a marvellous setting in the middle of nature.

Wool animals

A live museum with demonstrations of how wool is processed from shearing to the finished product. A miniature show on rural life is presented as is a museum of old trades. A garden plays host to more than 25 varieties of wool animals.


An unforgettable day with the whole family, with a discovery course and a multimedia show that will delight and inform the children, as these activities are both playful and instructional ...

... plus many other activities await you in our region. For detailed information on all of them, please go to:

Tourist Information Bureau of La Roche-en-Ardenne:

Tourist Office of Houffalize and La Roche-en-Ardenne:

Tourist Federation of Belgian Luxembourg:

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