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Le Quai Son
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le Quai Son
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Le Pré Vert

The Ardennes from a bird's eye view:
La Claire Fontaine


La Roche will be the ideal place for all licensed pilots to take briefly to the skies and, weather permitting, stay airborne far longer.

Here are the 3 sites of La Roche:
Corimont: North-West / difference in level: 150 m
Les Crestelles: South-West / difference in level: 180 m
Marcourt: East / difference in level: 130 m.


Take the time to get "your head in the clouds."
Discover the sensations of a balloon flight in the Ardennes!
Departure possible from the hotel or from a neighbouring field; a gondola can accommodate up to 6 people.

Glider and light passenger aircraft (aerodrome of St Hubert +/- 20km)

Discover the world of leisure aviation in the Ardennes, from the Saint-Hubert Aerodrome, the cradle of Belgian gliding, ...

Light passenger aircraft, glider, motor-glider -- as pilot or passenger...

The Province of Luxembourg from a bird's eye view with theme flying trips ...

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